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If you're looking for contact details, projects, code of conduct, wiki policy or spokespersons, check further down.

Latest news

Hackathon (3/10)

This friday (3/10) we at GHS are having a hackathon! Rendez-vous at ~20:00 CET, Vegagatan 1 (Gothenburg).

It's an all-nighter, so bring fun. And your cool projects. Bring some food to snack at, nice gamesies to play or just your brain. Don't forget the body, people tend to get awkward without physical avatars nearby. Don't forget the cookies too (we promise hugs, if you like those – no worries if you don't, though).

Also: You don't have to be social if you just want a space to work on your project, there should be plenty of room for everyone.


Peace, net neutrality and datalove <3

2014/10/03 11:53

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Full archive of (slightly older) news available, as well as an combined RSS feed for all our updates.

Regular activities

We have weekly social gatherings at our physical hackerspace.

Vegagatan 1, Gothenburg (Sweden)
Tuesdays 17-20:00 CET
Thursdays 17-20:00 CET

Times are fuzzy but not usually not too sloppy.

Full calendar and feed links available.

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For more information on how to find us, contact information is probably a good start.


TL;DR Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places,
where people can meet and work on their projects.

A hackerspace is a physical location where many different projects take place, and people from all walks of life meet to discuss ideas related to culture, technology and hacking. There are no restrictions on the types of topics discussed here, even if it's probably largely going to be electronics, software, old fax machines and robots that make everything possible. Robots building other robots or guerilla knitting, for example. It's pretty much up to the members (you!) hanging out here.

The purpose of Gothenburg Hackerspace is to create digital, cultural and social artifacts as well as to disseminate knowledge and promote openness and freedom. The Gothenburg Hackerspace laboratory also manufactures culture.

GHS is a religiously and politically independent non-profit organization (legal info).

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Get involved

Our platforms are open for everyone and to anything that complies with our code of conduct. We will assume all visitors (including you and me) have read and agreed upon this document before arriving to the physical hackerspace(s), or engaging in any of our virtual activities. Thanks for understanding this opportunity to keep our world an equal and stimulating space for everyone.

Apart from our regular weekday meetings we have even more stuff going on. Next 30 days:

2014/12/16 16:00Lockpicking 101 (TBA) Introductary workshop in lockpicking basics. Time and date might be subject for changes.Gothenburg Hackerspace, Vegagatan 1, 413 11 Göteborg, Sverige

Full calendar and feed links


The member fee for Gothenburg Hackerspace is split in two parts:

Membership fee 50 SEK / year
Lab usage fee 20 SEK / month (240 SEK / year)

Hackers under the age of 18 are admitted free of any charge.

Please see bureaucracy for payment information.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

The main protocol for our realtime updates is IRC, the Internet Relay Chat network.

Our channel name is #ghs on the Freenode network (

Use their web-based chat client, or connect your favorite client to one of their servers.

We have fancy hostname cloaks for usage in the name of anonymity. Ask on the IRC channel for more info.

Mailing list

We have a (low frequency) mailing list, to which you subscribe by sending this address an empty message:

A complete list of ways to contact us can be found at Communication.

On this wiki

Friends & Relatives

Our physical space at Vegagatan also house the following cool projects:

  • Omställningsverkstan - Meeting place for conversion, recycling, gift-/sharing- and lending culture
  • Cykelköket - Free DIY bike workshop aiming to spread bike culture and knowledge
  • Klädbiblioteket - Library for lending clothes and accessories

DIY related initiatives in Gothenburg

  • Collaboratory - Environment for co-creation, research and development, experimentation and innovation
  • Frilagret - Collaborative youth-oriented center for DIY culture
  • GBG Make - News outlet for DIY and hacking related events in Gothenburg
  • Kulturlagret - Collab space for culture and creative initiatives (facebook only)
  • Chalmers Robot Förening (CRF) - A robot and electronics focused hackerspace at Chalmers University
  • Föreningen Röda Räven - Wildlife and outdoors group for socialist ideas and living