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Apart from our regular weekday meetings we sometimes have even more stuff going on.
If so, it would be shown in the calendar below:

Hackerspace activities


Omställningsverkstan (Vegagatan)

2015/10/08 17:00Krigets glömda barn - planering Konferensrummet
2015/10/09 15:00STÄLL-OM-NATTA Konferensrummet/KO:working
2015/10/13 15:00Fuf - Studiecirkel Konferensrummet
2015/10/20 14:00WWOOF extrastämma
2015/10/20 17:00Hackerspace Our regular weekday hack/social gathering.\n\nWe hang out, tinker with projects, drink yerba mate, compute or just enjoy that others do. Everyone welcome, we have electricity, hot water boilers and a few comfy sofas + desktops.


The above agenda is generated using the delayed calendar feed (available below). In short, that means updates can take up to an hour before reflected in the list. Fortunately we are pretty short on events that don't give you at least a few hours notice, and the reason for delaying it is to not be too dependant on the cloud…

Help wanted

We're currently working on an free (non-cloud) solution for our calendar system… Wanna help out? calendar

Hackerspace calendar

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Omställningsverkstan (Vegagatan) calendar

News feeds

We have an aggregated (combined) planet feed, which combines the following sources into one:

  • News updates (from this site)
  • Facebook page updates
  • Twitter posts
  • Youtube uploads
  • Bambuser broadcasts
  • New calendar entries
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Updated every 15 minutes.

More info and contact details for these sources available on the Communication page.

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