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Our platforms are open for everyone and to anything that complies with our code of conduct. We will assume all visitors (including you and me) have read and agreed upon this document before arriving to the physical hackerspace(s), or engaging in any of our digital activities. Thanks for understanding this opportunity to keep our world an equal and stimulating space for everyone.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

The main protocol for our realtime updates is IRC, the Internet Relay Chat network.

Our channel name is #ghs on the Freenode network (

Use their web-based chat client, or connect your favorite client to one of their servers.

We have fancy hostname cloaks for usage in the name of anonymity. Ask on the IRC channel for more info.

Mailing list

We have a (low frequency) mailing list, to which you subscribe by sending this address an empty message:

Physical space

We have weekly social gatherings at our physical hackerspace.

Vegagatan 1, Gothenburg (Sweden)
Tuesdays 17-20:00 CET
Thursdays 17-20:00 CET

Times are fuzzy but not usually not too sloppy.

Full calendar and feed links available.

Nearest stops for commuting [], sorted by distance:

  • Oskar Fredriks kyrka (bus)
  • Vegagatan (bus)
  • Prinsgatan (tram, bus)

You could also query Gliderbot on the IRC channel, who can help out planning your route to the hackerspace:

<user> gliderbot: get me from brunnsparken to oskar fredriks kyrka
<gliderbot> user: Buss 60: 05:31 Brunnsparken (Masthugget) > Oscar Fredriks Kyrka 05:40 [9m]

Need a map? Open Street Maps or Google.

GPS coordinates should be 57.69680, 11.94764


Apart from our regular weekday meetings we have even more stuff going on. Next 30 days:


Full calendar and feed links

Contact persons

If you have any questions about the hackerspace or the organization running it, talk to these people.

Other platforms

You can also follow us at various social media platforms. These accounts are seldom checked for messages and mostly used for relaying news or media artefacts - please use IRC, the mailing list or stop by the hackerspace for active communication!

Merged HTML or RSS feed of social media is available.

News updates from this wiki are automatically exported to some of the mentioned sites.

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