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We have weekly social gatherings at our physical hackerspace. Come by and visit us on Saturday between 15.00-17:00 CET.

Also you can ask on IRC if someone is around at any other time.

Full calendar and feed links available.

Tracking us down

Our physical address is Vegagatan 1, Gothenburg (Sweden).

The public transit system in Gothenburg is run by Västtrafik and consists of trams, buses and two ferries.

Website to plan your route:

Nearest stops for commuting, sorted by ascending distance:

  • Oskar Fredriks kyrka (bus)
  • Vegagatan (bus)
  • Prinsgatan (tram, bus)

Need a map? Open Street Maps or Google.

GPS coordinates should be 57.69680, 11.94764

We also have an IRC interface to making transit queries. Visit our IRC channel and make acquintance with our neighbourhood bot Gliderbot! It can help out planning your route to the hackerspace by several means of transport:

<user> gliderbot: get me from brunnsparken to oskar fredriks kyrka
<gliderbot> user: Buss 60: 05:31 Brunnsparken (Masthugget) > Oscar Fredriks Kyrka 05:40 [9m]
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