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We have weekly social gatherings at our physical hackerspace.

Vegagatan 1, Gothenburg (Sweden)
Tuesdays 17-20:00 CET
Thursdays 16-20:00 CET

Times are fuzzy but not usually not too sloppy.

Nearest stops for commuting [], sorted by distance:

  • Oskar Fredriks kyrka (bus)
  • Vegagatan (bus)
  • Prinsgatan (tram, bus)

You could also query Gliderbot on the IRC channel, who can help out planning your route to the hackerspace:

<user> gliderbot: get me from brunnsparken to oskar fredriks kyrka
<gliderbot> user: Buss 60: 05:31 Brunnsparken (Masthugget) > Oscar Fredriks Kyrka 05:40 [9m]

Need a map? Open Street Maps or Google.

GPS coordinates should be 57.69680, 11.94764

You could leave a comment if you were logged in.
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