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GHS Wiki Policy

Request for comments (RFC).

This document

All contributions made to this document are credited to their authors, in no significant order.

Everyone is encouraged to debate, question and develop these ideas as they see fit - in the discussion section, or by any other means of contact.

The few “rules” are here to keep the quality up and are under constant review as our needs evolve with them :-)

Wiki usage

Please feel free to create, kopimi and permutate data on this wiki.

Primary language domain, for accessibility and portability, is english. This is not an requirement but encouraged.

Looking for the wiki syntax writing guide?

User access

The entire wiki is readable by anyone and writable by registered users.

User registration is currently open.

Repeated abuse or offensive usage of this system may result in having any or all of these permissions revoked, or worst case scenario ­— new users will have to submit all change orders by paper fax…

Data backup and exporting

We do not guarantee backups or any other kind of retention for the wiki data.

Wiki article content (including metadata) can be accessed through BitTorrent Sync:


Feel free to join the swarm and make your own backups.

All content will always be reviewable and editable by any other registered user. Nothing should be put here as primary storage or backup of information since it could be changed at any point of time.

Some exceptions to this rule are mentioned in Readonly namespaces.

Readonly namespaces

Some special namespaces are writable by certain groups of users only. Examples domains are:

  • Public announcements (news)
  • Organization formal documents
  • Meeting protocols and notes
  • Specific group projects
  • Key holders

This is where we put stuff that should be made available for reading only. Suggested namespace prefix and examples:


Organization and contribution

Please feel free to create a wiki page or namespace for your particular project.

Pages and namespaces

Namespaces are defined with slashes (/) and can be created dynamically - they don't have to exist prior to placing a page under them.

The last part of an URL is the name of the page, everything else makes the namespace and should resemble some kind of logical path to it.

User pages

User pages can be used to introduce yourself or state your skills and interests. The suggested namespace for user pages is:


You can also add other personal pages under your namespace using this structure:

/members/<user>/<page name>

Member projects

Suggested wiki namespace for your project stuff is:

/projects/<projectname>/<page name>

That would be a good place to crowdsource stuff needed, hype your cool stuff or talk someone else into doing it.

To state members of a project, something like the following page could be good:


Community/Hackerspace projects

Larger collaborative or long-term community projects should be put in a public project namespace. These pages might include ongoing or recurring events or tasks, such as documentation for the network setup, contact information for keymasters, cleaning schedules etc.

Suggested wiki namespace for community/GHS projects, examples:


Creating new content

Nothing exists in the public domain unless it gets published. The wiki idea consists of writing internal references and linking to other domains or pages in the system. This means you can work on your writing but not actually publish it until you are satisified with it. “Publish” in this regard means referring, or linking, to the page, somewhere else on the wiki or the internets.

Please note that all changes will be logged even if those pages are not linked to anywhere yet - more on that on follows under Hidden content later.

Hidden content and other secrets

You could keep your page semi-private if needed - just create the page(s), but don't link to it. Share links at will, or never. Please note that any changes to the wiki will show up in the changelog, and will always be associated with the username that made it - see Privacy section as follows.

Drafting articles

To hide an article from the public, put the following markup anywhere in the content:


This hides the page from our public feeds as well. Registered users are not affected.

Discussion and meta-content

For small notes, ideas, longer edit summaries, anecdotes, actual constructive comments, attachments or anything else non-flammable relating to a wiki page, please use the discussion area in the bottom of it.

If you seriously want to debate or question any content on this wiki, please use IRC or the mailing list.

Posting news

News articles are posted under the /news namespace, and have the purpose of telling the world about our antics and updates.

They are featured on the front page, our public RSS feeds and applicable social media platforms. If you are uneasy about being published on other media platforms, you are probably not looking for this feature - choose any other namespace and stay local.

This namespace is not writable by default. Users need to request permission first!

Suggested namespace prefix and examples:



Please use the preview button or keep the ~~DRAFT~~ keyword in the post, until you deem it ready for publication (do spell checks and some nice formatting). This makes sure it will be hidden from our public feeds and kept from being exported to any other platforms — everything not in draft mode under the /news/ namespace will be pushed automatically, within a few minutes.

It is suggested that you use a template for creating news, for easier markup. This template is available by clicking the New post button on the News page (located right above the archive section).

Post abstract or summary

Content abstract, or post summary, has the purpose to provide a paragraph with a general description of the article content. When available, it will be used in several cases:

  • As description when sharing links to other platforms
  • As a shorter text for when a news post is featured on the front page
  • RSS feed item description

Summaries are put in the top of a post, under the main header and followed by an empty header tag. Read on for an example of how this can be used.

NOTE: If you post news articles without summaries, the mentioned cases above are free to choose from any part of text from the article content (although mostly the first paragraph). We strongly encourage all editors to make sure at least news articles contain these, if any should be found missing.

Example of post markup making use of a summary:

====== Main post header ======

This is a post summary. It will be shown in feeds and forwarded elsewhere. We 
suggest you keep this short and in plain text. One paragraph should be enough 
to describe the general point of the content. Markup belongs in the main section, 
keep the line breaks to a minimum.

====== ======

This is the main post content. 

It will be visible when viewing the page, after the summary. 

The empty header functions as a divider between post summary and the rest of the
content, and is not meant for humans. It will not be visible anywhere else than
in this editor.

Since the summary (if available) always is included before the main content, try
to avoid duplicate sentences or unnecessary redundant info. 

Apart from //the summary// this [[section]] have **no** restrictions on markup...

...or length.

No summary

Just don't leave any empty headers in the post content. In this case, forwarded (public) news posts will not have any text content associated with it, only a link to the post on this wiki.


Wanna help out with translating content for the wiki? Keep an eye on Translation needed


Please choose a username that makes you comfortable. Or use many.

Don't post any to you (or any other fellow member) personal information or private content on this site.

The changelog keeps a maximum 30 days of data.

We generelly just want to know what to call the entity sending your requests right now, for easier and more secure edit session management and anti-bot spam mechanisms. This means that your current IP address will be logged (however masked in the public changelog), but please use any means needed to further anonymize your stay here.

Use public wifi, dns tunnels, open proxies, TOR or similar techniques - but be wary of eavesdroppers.

Assume full transparency - only share what's already (or should be) public!

Old version

Check the old version here

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