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This document reflects the current status of the network at Vegagatan 1.


The network will be segmented in various VLANs to separate the different associations in the local. Also separation between wireless and cabled networks will be done to keep their broadcast domains separated.

The following is the current assignment:

VLAN ID Name Description
10 Administrative VLAN Network equipment administration and synchronization
20 Services VLAN Intranet services
30 Kiosks Kiosks
40 GHS Wired LAN and WLAN for the Göteborg Hackerspace
50 Others WLAN for the other associations
60 Guest Cable Wired LAN used in the connected outlets expect Hackerspace ones
70 Guest Wifi WLAN for Guests coming to the local

IPv4 Addressing

IPv4 addressing is done using the 10.0.0/8 network. We'll use the VLAN identifier as the second digit and leave the other two digits for host addresses. The subnets 10.x.1.0/24 and 10.x.255.0/24 are always reserved for static address use (not to confuse with static DHCP reservations).

The router always has 10.x.0.1 as address, the other reserved addresses are currently:

IP Device Position Core switch Panic Room Access Point 1 Near Cykel Köket Access Point 2 Over Hackerspace tables Access Point 3 In the Conference Room

Reserved IPS Axel's Debian test 1 Axel's Debian test 1

IPV6 Addressing

We are using Hurricane Electric's IPv6 tunnels to provide IPv6 addresses on our network. The subnetwork assignments are as follows:

Address Network
2001:470:27:23f::/64 Hurricane electric Tunnel
2001:470:28:23f::/64 Reserved
2001:470:dc07::/48 VLAN Assignments (see below)

The mapping of the /48 to VLANs is similar to the one done with the network. The next 16 bits are assigned to the VLAN number written directly in decimal. For example the hackerspace IPv6 network is 2001:470:dc07:40::/64

The mapping of devices is similar to the one done with IPv4, the DHCP addresses and SLAAC addresses are given from the corresponding pool (::1:0-::1:ffff for DHCPv6). The ::1 and ::ff networks are reserved for static assignments on the 10.x.255.y and 10.x.0.y parts of the network. But with the last octet expressed in decimal to simplify the reading.

Also the router will always be assigned the ::1 address of the network.

As of now IPv6 will only be deployed unfiltered on the hackerspace network and filtered on our internal VLANS (administrative and services).

If you want to disable ipv6 on linux just run your kernel with the ipv6.disable=1 parameter

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