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Annual organizational meeting 2014

On Thursday the 23th of January (23/1) at 18:00, Gothenburg Hackerspace will hold its annual meeting for the upcoming fiscal year of 2014.

Lots of organizational changes are to be expected, so we encourage as many as possible to be present. This meeting is (in addition to the formal agenda) an excellent opportunity to get some broader insight in who the members (you) are, what you want and how we should plan for the future.

Time 18:00
Date January 23th (23/1) 2014
Where Vegagatan 1

Organizational story of the year that passed

Last year we moved from our cozy but small evening hacks at Syndikalistiskt Forum to be part of Omställningsverkstaden and their premises at Vegagatan 1. This means that we finally have the ability to run regular weekly meetups in our own place on tuesdays, and more recently also often on thursdays.

In addition to our weekly meetups, we've had additional purely social functions during the autumn/winter. Some times we would watch a movie, or end up at a nice pub.

We have received a lot of hardware, including a dozen desktop computers that are intended to be cleared and made ​​available for members who want to initiate their own projects in the physical lab.

There has also been workshops conducted relating to 3D printers and the photo-/film DIY attracted great interest. Planning for continued activities in regards to the workshops and talks seem to be a recurring question among visitors.

— The board of 2013

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