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Hackathon 28/03 at 17:00 @ Vegagatan 1

This friday 28/03 at 17:00 we'll be holding a hackathon at our cozy local at Vegagatan 1. If you have any project you want to work at you are welcome to join.

Hi hackers!

We want you to know that this Friday 28th of March we'll be holding a Hackathon on our nice cool cozy local at Vegagatan 1. We'll be starting at 17:00 and try to stay there for the whole night (what crappy hackathon wouldn't involve a thon of time hacking).

So my dear hacker, if you have any project that needs a bit of your love and are looking for a place where you can develop it. Come with us to what we hope will be the best hackathin ever (well actually until the next which we will try to make better). We'll have coffee, we'll have tea and even a small kitchen where you can make some food, but specially we'll have hackers!

Don't forget it, this Friday at 17:00 in Vegagatan 1!

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