News update: Extra annual members meeting 2015-03-12 [ghs] - 17:33

Summons and agenda for extra annual members meeting. Date 2015-03-12 (12th of March, 2015) Time 18:00 (6:00pm) Location GHS location at Vegagatan 1, Göteborg. Summoner Johan Karlberg, revisor. More information * Summons and agenda * Meeting protocol

News update: Board meeting 2015-04-21 [ghs] - 17:31

NOTE: This meeting has already been held! Date 2015-04-21 (21st of April, 2015) Time 13:00 (1:00pm) Location GHS location at Vegagatan 1, Göteborg. Summoner Sam, chairperson. More information * Meeting protocol news


News update: Wiki SSL configuration updated [ghs] - 17:55

We just made some security related changes to the SSL (HTTPS) configuration of our webserver (which this wiki is running on). This was done because several ciphers are determined to be broken. Please let us know if any browser errors arise because of this!


News update: Ongoing activities [ghs] - 14:45

We have regular weekly gatherings. If you want to start something please contact us, or drop by at a meetup. news

News update: Hackathon (3/10) [ghs] - 14:43

This friday (3/10) we at GHS are having a hackathon! Rendez-vous at ~20:00 CET, Vegagatan 1 (Gothenburg). It's an all-nighter, so bring fun. And your cool projects. Bring some food to snack at, nice gamesies to play or just your brain. Don't forget the body, people tend to get awkward without physical avatars nearby. Don't forget the cookies too (we promise hugs, if you like those – no worries if you don't, though).


News update: Hackathon 28/03 at 17:00 @ Vegagatan 1 [ghs] - 16:40

This friday 28/03 at 17:00 we'll be holding a hackathon at our cozy local at Vegagatan 1. If you have any project you want to work at you are welcome to join. Hi hackers! We want you to know that this Friday 28th of March we'll be holding a Hackathon on our nice cool cozy local at Vegagatan 1. We'll be starting at 17:00 and try to stay there for the whole night (what crappy hackathon wouldn't involve a thon of time hacking).


News update: Board meeting [ghs] - 18:24

We will have a boardmeeting on Thursday (20/3) mainly to discuss applying for membership of Collaboratory, a kinda makerspace in one 750m2 floor of Gotheburg Film Studios because the potential for having long term projects, access to the equipment and working together with the other members on interesting projects. We will meet at 18:00 CET (6 pm). Location is Vegagatan 1 as always.


News update: Cryptoparty planning (2014-02-25) [ghs] - 14:54

Tonight (tuesday 25/2) we will have an initial meeting to discuss and plan an upcoming Cryptoparty, in Gothenburg. A previously posted calendar event suggested we meet at 16:00, but this was an error - the intended time of meeting is 18:00 CET (6 pm). Location is Vegagatan 1 as always.


News update: learn to program with sicp [ghs] - 22:18

Starting on Thursday 2014/02/20 18:00 we will be meeting regularly at Vegagatan 1 to do exercises in Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP). Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is a classic textbook that aims to give a solid introduction to computer science. There will be a section of required reading, see the lesson plan, and we will solve the corresponding exercises together. You will also be able to get help getting started with your computer. So come and joi…


News update: First post of news bulletin system [ghs] - 02:23

Everything seems to be in order. Testing an update. Another test news


News update: Annual organizational meeting of 2014 [ghs] - 17:01

On Thursday the 23th of January (23/1) at 18:00, Gothenburg Hackerspace will hold its annual meeting for the upcoming fiscal year of 2014. Lots of organizational changes are to be expected, so we encourage as many as possible to be present. This meeting is (in addition to the formal agenda) an excellent opportunity to get some broader insight in who the members (you) are, what you want and how we should plan…


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