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Please feel free to modify or create new sections, lists and project pages.

Look here for our policy and guidelines document: GHS Wiki Policy



Tutor(s) What? When?
Phyx Lockpickning workshop 2014-12-16
Yona Web development workshop TBA
klondike Gentoo workshop TBA
klondike CISCO: How not to do networks TBA
gholen, Yona Photo development (at Collaboratory?) TBA
raccoon mutt for beginners workshop 2015 Q1
raccoon PGP/GPG intro + Key signing meetups 2015 Q1
Nod Development of Hackerspace [Protocol A1] 2015 SUMMER
Nod Communications Protocol and Cyber Security Awareness 2015 SUMMER
Nod Departments of Hackerspace [FEMA A1] 2015 SUMMER

Community projects

Open for everyone to join in. If you want to get engaged in the hackerspace, please read through our member meeting protocols. They're full of ideas on what could need some help to get done! We also recommend reading and agreeing upon our code of conduct.

Wiki policy suggest using the #collab tag to mark a project as public.

Here is a list of continous projects that probably always need some extra help:

For more information about helping out in these projects, please ask on IRC or the mailing list.

Member projects

Ongoing projects that members are tinkering with. Put your stuff here if you want.

Not everyone wants any help or comments, but if they have a wiki page for it that's probaly the place where they'll ask for it.

Resource listings

Stuff requested

Need anything for your project? Or your cat? Got something cool to share, or just wanna nag about something missing?

Go check out RFCs031b — Request For Cool stuff


A list of computers available for member projects at the hackerspace.

If you want to use one, please let us know by keeping this list updated.

# Hostname OS Description
0 ghsbot0 Gentoo Hard. Main server, Gentoo Hard. ZNC's up
1 ghsbot1 Parabola Workstation for teaching and development
3 Gentoo Hard. LDAP server 1 WIP
4 Gentoo Hard. LDAP server 2 WIP
7 Trisquel Shared by all of the organisations present, used for multimedia and browsing.
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