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-//<​gliderbot>:​ lynx-z is in ur data, diggin'​ h0les// 
-{{ :​projects:​members:​lynx:​2-ccam-lynx-4-9-2011-dg-e1304012080164.jpg?​nolink |}} 
-Lynx is quite tiny and also one friendly young creature. She has some very basic knowledge of few GNU/Linux systems, loves weird music and to blow up things. She can be found at almost all random times at [[:​ghs|GHS]]'​s physical location staring at stuff. Also: be careful, she might bite you quite hard if you misbehave. ​ 
-You can contact her directly in following networks: 
-\\ //**irc:** lynx-z at freenode 
-\\ **xmpp:** lynx-z at jabber dot ru// 
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