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This page is about lynx's “Surveillance map of Gothenburg” project.

Below you can find draft of a description for it, a todo list and contact information.

~ The basic idea for the project is simple: to map all (or at least most of the) surveillance cameras in Gothenburg. There's a need for such a map in order to enable for community groups and individuals to plan routes with or without surveillance - some might appreciate not being watched, while for others such as cyclists, pedestrians, groups and individuals who are most vulnerable to hit-and-run accidents and street crime, surveillance may be desirable. Furthermore, being able to visualize the level of surveillance in the city gives some food for thought regarding how much we're actually being watched in this manner. This kind of map should be editable; anyone should be able to modify it and place new findings on it. It should be possible to mark in what direction a camera is facing, and also to detail for the camera's movement, if any.

~ ToDo
* Figure out whom to contact in order to acquire a list of surveillance camera permits in the Gothenburg area.
* Acquire aforementioned list.
* Investigate the list's veracity (how accurate is it?) and start mapping. Note that surveillance cameras on private property (not overlooking publicly accessible areas) are allowed without permits, and cameras are allowed in public areas without permits under special circumstances such as traffic surveillance by Trafikverket or possible prevention of major crime (temporary), see SFS 2013:460.
* ?

~ Links
1. This link points to a map of surveillance cameras in Stockholm's area:
2. And this one points to the description of a similar project:
3. Some Swedish surveillance web-cameras:

If you would like to participate, discuss, help or in some other way influence this project, please contact lynx directly in following networks:
irc: lynx-z at freenode
xmpp: lynx-z at jabber dot ru

(feel free to comment below in the comment section too)

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