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-{{:​projects:​members:​schjetne:​main-banner.gif?​nolink |Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman}}((Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License.)) 
-====== SICP ====== 
-===== Introduction ===== 
-Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is an introductory textbook for computer science written by MIT AI Lab professors [[https://​​wiki/​Harold_Abelson|Harold Abelson]] and [[https://​​wiki/​Gerald_Jay_Sussman|Gerald Jay Sussman]]. It's a great way for beginners in programming to get a solid theoretical foundation. 
-The book teaches using the Scheme programming language, a dialect of Lisp introduced in 1975. Despite its age, it contains many powerful features such as tail-call optimization and first-class continuations. It has been very influential in the development of many of the more contemporary programming languages, such as Common Lisp, Clojure, JavaScript, Ruby and Haskell. It's a small language that's easy to learn, and the experiences learned should be readily applicable to other languages, whether functional or imperative. 
-This project aims to let us study the text and do the exercises as a group, benefiting from our different experiences and approaches to problem solving, as well as provide motivation to get through all the way to the end. 
-===== Get the book ===== 
-^ Format ^ URL | 
-| HTML | https://​​sicp/​full-text/​book/​book.html | 
-| PDF, normal | http://​​2012/​11/​sicp.pdf | 
-| PDF, pocket | http://​​2012/​11/​sicp-pocket.pdf | 
-| PDF, marginless | http://​​2012/​11/​sicp-marginless.pdf | 
-| Texinfo source | https://​​sarabander/​sicp-pdf/​ | 
-===== View the lectures ===== 
-^ Format ^ URL | 
-| YouTube | https://​​watch?​v=2Op3QLzMgSY&​list=PL8FE88AA54363BC46 |  
-((Structure and Interpretation of Computer video lectures are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.)) 
-==== Download utility ==== 
-[[https://​​gschjetne/​061a6ee5b47cecd69485#​file-makefile|This makefile]] automates the process of downloading all or individual video files and their subtitles: 
-Usage: make [target] 
-  all              Display this information 
-  videos ​          ​Download all video files 
-  subtitles ​       Download all subtitle files 
-  [1-10][a|b].mp4 ​ Download given video file 
-  [1-10][a|b].srt ​ Download given subtitle file 
-  MPEG-4 is a patent-encumbered format. Please ask 
-  your legislators to oppose software patents. 
-  Resuming partially downloaded files not supported. 
-===== Install a Scheme environment ===== 
-GNU Guile is a modern, efficient implementation of the Scheme programming language. It is included in most if not all distributions of GNU/Linux. Source and release tarballs are available at the [[https://​​software/​guile/​|GNU Guile]] project page. 
-Emacs users may benefit from the packages [[http://​​geiser/​|Geiser]] and [[http://​​emacs/​ParEdit|Paredit]]. 
-If you need further assistance setting up your environment,​ please don't hesitate to come to the exercise sessions and ask for help. 
-===== Exercise sessions ===== 
-Exercise sessions will be held regularly at [[ghs/​contact/​space|Vegagatan 1]] so questions about the previously read chapter can be discussed and the exercises can be solved collaboratively. 
-^ #  ^ Time            ^ Required reading ​  ^ Planned exercises ​     ^ 
-| 1  | 14-02-20 18:00  | Section 1.1        | Ex 1.1 through 1.8     | 
-| 2  | 14-02-27 18:00  | Recap of previous session ​                 || 
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