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Translation needed

Here is a list of pages tagged translation, which marks them as needed to be translated in english.

Feel free to start working on them!

Föreningens stadgar 2013/12/17 22:23 Please translate this! (On its own wiki page — this needs to be intact): Organizational statutes - English The following article has been made read-only. ---------- §0 Föreningens namn Föreningens namn är Gothenburg Hackerspace. §1 Föreningens säte

Marking for translation

Simply put this markup in the bottom of the article that you want to mark for translation:


Translating pages

If you want to help out, just edit any article from the above list.

When article is completely translated, please remove the translate tag from the tag markup.

Case #1: {{tag>translate}}
Case #2: {{tag>translate fixme}}


Case #1: {{tag>}}
  ...or: empty string
Case #2: {{tag>fixme}}

Note that the first case becomes an empty tag list - this is totally fine. You could also remove the whole tag markup, if that looks better.

However, in the second case - multiple tags - please make sure to keep other tag (fixme in this case) after removing translate.

Please do not remove the translate tag before the post actually has been translated. If you get stuck, just leave it for someone else to finish up - but without the tag noone will know it needs help.

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